February 27, 2012

The Adventure Begins...

Living with less is very appealing. We are starting an new adventure to do just that.

Our need for this adventure, started ten years ago:

My husband, Chad, and I met when we were young kids and started dating many years later after we graduated from college. We dated for two years in which we lived in separate states. We both accumulated a house full of furniture and other stuff. When we married and joined our lives and our stuff, we got rid of very little and added so much more in the way of wedding presents and things we thought we needed.

After accumulating for a few more years, we bought a new house and moved all the things we thought we needed and left behind the things we didn't want any more. We then had a yard sale to try and get rid of all the things we left behind. It was our first attempt at purging. It was a great yard sale, we just didn't sell nearly enough stuff to have made a dent in our accumulation. We had only been married 4 years, but had so much stuff that after moving into a larger house we still had to rent a storage unit.

Fast forward 3 and a half more years, add two children and all the stuff that comes with them, and it is time to either move to a bigger house or rent additional storage for all our stuff. Just thinking about all this stuff makes me want to get up and get rid of it all!

So now you know the need for the adventure, let me tell you the thoughts behind it:

Neither Chad nor I grew up with much money. Both of our fathers worked hard and provided for all our basic needs, but there was hardly ever excess. Our mothers worked hard to make that money stretch and cover so much. So when we were making our own money and building our own households, we rushed to achieve what our parents had worked for all their lives. We could have been trying to make up for what we thought we missed out on, who knows... my psychology skills are severely lacking. We were DINKs (Double-Income No Kids) for five years. We spent all that money on anything and everything. It was stupid of us not to start small and save, but stupid we were. We jumped into accumulating as much as we could as fast as we could (not once, but twice! - another story). Looking back at those first five years of our marriage makes me a little sick to my stomach to think of all we wasted.

Now, we feel called to simplify our lives and do away with the accumulation of stuff. We want to spend less time taking care stuff, organizing stuff, cleaning up stuff, and buying stuff, and instead focus on family, what we can do for others, and how we can best serve our loving God.

We feel that to accomplish simple living, we need to purge and declutter, down-size, and change the way we think and live our lives. We want life to be about experiences, not how much stuff we have or when we can get more. We want to enjoy the journey of life, not wait for it to start... when we have more money, or when we have more stuff, or the right stuff. We want to take the time now to enjoy our sweet children, enjoy each other, enjoy serving God, and all this world He created for us has to offer.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. - Luke 12:34 

Thanks for reading about our new adventure. This is only the beginning!

- Jenni

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