April 3, 2012

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The First and Easiest Purge... Books

We love to read and with that comes a love of books. I love to hold a book in my hand, see them on a bookshelf, buy them, smell them, find new friends in them, and visit old friends in them. I even suffer from book lust, bookcase lust, and library lust (mostly from the beast of Beauty and the Beast). However, having a large quantity of physical books does not fit into our plan.

We have three large bookcases that we filled (mostly two-deep) with books. I had a large collection of every book I had ever bought and my husband had a collection very similar in size. Then, we got married and bought each other books for almost every holiday and anytime we could build up our reward points enough to send us a gift card to a book store. We had a lot of books.

So, we got rid of them ... all ... well, almost. We did keep anything that we loved and would read again or haven't read and plan to in the next year.

I have a kindle. I can fill my insatiable need to read using that. I have two library systems nearby. If I can't get it on my kindle, chances are, I can get it at the library (or from the library on my kindle). I can borrow books from my friends. And if all else fails... I can buy something again if I really can't do without.

Mostly, this was a choice to rid our home of things that we didn't want to introduce our children to. I really enjoyed all the Harry Potter books, however, I read them in college and after. I knew who I was and what I believed. I was not going to be influenced by them to take up spell casting or lose sight of who I am in Christ. I was able to see them as fiction. Children should have a healthy dose of fantasy and I plan to make sure my kids are well versed. However, I will be selective on what we keep in our home.

Books we did keep - Leather bound classics, a select few hardback favorites, my favorite Christian chic-lit, the quilting books from my grandmother that she wrote her name in, anything that we hadn't read but plan to read this year and then sell. That last part only pertains to Chad, because I can't find a book I haven't read in our house. We also kept almost all our children's books. I want my kids to be readers!

Every book we have now fits on one bookcase and can be moved easily. Also, I am not buying any new books anytime soon, unless they are on my Kindle. We will follow the one in one out rule from now on. So, Chad needs to get to reading those books we kept for him!

If you had to keep only ten books, what would you choose?