May 3, 2012

The Bed Fiasco

Somethings that we got rid of /are getting rid of are things we use but are too large for our future space. One of these things was our king-sized bed. We had a great mattress that was only about a year old and a great bedroom set that we really liked. However, all that is replaceable and would not fit into a smaller home.

Our bedroom set, including our mattress, was the first thing we sold. We planned on using our queen sized air mattress as our bed until we could get a new bed. Haha! The best laid plans...

After only three nights of sleeping on the airbed, we woke up on the floor with some plastic and no air beneath us. Waking up on the floor when you went to sleep on a bed is not fun.

Enter my little brother's old full size mattress. My parents kindly let us borrow a spare mattress from their house. We do not have a truck, so we didn't bring the whole bed, just the mattress, stuffed into the van above our children's car seats and heads. So, for about a month, we slept in a full size mattress on the floor.

That experience was a great eye-opener for us. We had planned on buying a queen bed to replace our king. However, after being forced to sleep on the full, we found that we had plenty of room and liked the coziness. Having a full will give us more floor space in whatever house we choose.

We are really happy in our little full size bed. We have even spent one night in it with a sick two-year-old between us! Now, we just need to get some bed linens that fit it!!

Could you sleep in a full bed? Do you now?

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