May 2, 2012

Furniture We Kept

In my post, Purging Furniture, I told how we decided what would go:
We really want to move to a smaller, less expensive living arrangement. We are not sure where or what that will be, so we picked a really small apartment that we know of to use as a reference. If we were to move there, or somewhere similar, what furniture that we have would fit? What do we have that works for a small space? What doesn't? What do we have that we really don't love? Do we use it? Can we use it for something else?
Those same questions apply to what would stay. Here's what we kept:

Our couch - It's actually rather large, but very comfortable. It holds our whole family comfortably and it works for extra sleeping arrangements when we have company.

Our daughter's dresser - It was my dresser. I received it as a gift from my parents when I graduated with my Master's. My husband spent months refinishing it when I was pregnant with my daughter. It is big and holds so much. It could be used in almost any room of our new home, so it's a keeper.

Our son's crib - He uses it every night and most days, too. We didn't keep our daughter's crib, but we did keep her mattress and she now uses it in her toddler bed.

Our glider rocker - I love to rock. I know that I will be able to find a home for it easily if it doesn't fit in our new home, but I still need it when my children need to be held.

A small granite topped table - We call it the marble table, but I think the top is actually granite. It was my grandmothers and I love it. It is small and could work as a desk or prep surface in a kitchen.

4 wooden folding dinning chairs - We use these with our really large rustic table because the benches are not  safe for my children. They are still in boosters and you can't attach those to the bench. Also, spending any more time than eating takes on a bench does not a back make happy.

ALL of our Ikea Expedit bookcases! We have a few of these. Okay, we have five. One really big one, one not so big one, and three smaller ones. These are quite versatile pieces. They can be used in any room and even to make one room into two. Our largest one may end up on the chopping block due mainly to size.

The big one (5 x 5) is in our living room and holds our books. Since purging our books we only have 9 of the cubes with books in them. If lined up, they would fill less than that. The bottom row of cubes holds baskets of what was in our filling cabinet and some other odds and ends that need further purging.

The not so big one (4 x 4) is currently our dresser. It has eight baskets that hold our folding clothes and the top cubes hold our alarm clock, baby monitors, and my jewelry. The bottom four cubes are empty.

The three smaller ones (2 x 4) are used as our entertainment center, my son's dresser/toy shelf, and a buffet-like surface in our dinning room. We have baskets in most of these and use those baskets to store a lot of random things that still need to be gone through.

We have since bought some items to replace what we sold, mostly because what we needed was smaller.

What furniture would you keep if you were down to bare essentials?

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