May 30, 2012


Our adventure continues! We are moving. Unfortunately, it is not to a tiny house. Boo. However, it is a step (back) in the right direction.

Background - We have two houses. When we were young and stupid (okay - a little over three years ago!) we bought our new house without selling our old one. We have rented it since then to family. The mortgage there is a bit cheaper than the one in the house we bought and have been living in since September of 2008. So, we are switching! We are moving back into our less expensive house and out of our can-pay-for-itself more expensive house.

(house we are moving to)
There are huge pros to moving back:

  • Closer to my family, friends, and church (savings on gas!)
  • Huge backyard
  • Less expensive
  • Closer to "town"
  • Large workshop (could be turned into a tiny house!!!)
  • Good school system (if we stay for more than a year when Emma Grace will start school)
  • Really close to the gym and pool
There are some major cons:
  • Farther drive for Chad to work
  • Yard maintenance
  • Farther from Chad's mom and sister
  • No garage
  • Older house = more fixing things
  • Children's rooms upstairs
All in all, I am sure this is a good move for us. With all the purging we have done, we have a lot less to move. It will be great for the kids to not have an extra 15 minutes in the car almost everywhere we go. 

Although this house is not a tiny one, it is smaller - by about 200 square feet! Okay, from 2100 to 1900 is really not down-sizing, but we do plan on getting this one ready to sell and finding something smaller soon!

Or you can see in the picture that workshop peeking around from the back - it's 20 x 20. Perfect size for our first tiny house! If only is was 24 x 24 to meet code for this county. =( 

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