May 1, 2012

Purging Furniture

Drawback to purging furniture: Most all the stuff we had fit into the furniture we had or the storage spaces in our house. Getting rid of most of our furniture revealed the clutter. If you don't have the furniture to put your stuff in, all you have left is clutter.

What we did: we really want to move to a smaller, less expensive living arrangement. We are not sure where or what that will be, so we picked a really small apartment that we know of to use as a reference. If we were to move there, or somewhere similar, what furniture that we have would fit? What do we have that works for a small space? What doesn't? What do we have that we really don't love? Do we use it? Can we use it for something else?

We used all these questions and more to decide what would stay and what would go. Here's a a partial list of what we purged and why.

China Cabinet - I LOVED my china cabinet. I love my china (that's another post)! It's a large cabinet and my favorite part was that the doors slid to the side to open instead of swinging out. It was beautiful and served a great purpose. It held all my entertaining items, seasonal serving pieces, china and crystal. However, since purchasing the cabinet to go in our current home, I have used my china ... get ready for it ... twice! Both times on Mother's Day.

King Size Bedroom Furniture - This may be self-explanatory, but it is just too big. In our current home, a king size bed fits well. Anything else looks rather small in the room. (I know this to be true now that we have our full size bed in there.) Any small house we live in will hold a full size. We would be hard pressed to find a small house that will hold our king sized furniture. We had the bed, two nightstands, a chest and a dresser. It was pretty though. It was the first thing to sell and sold to the first buyer who looked at it. (Kinda makes me wish we had asked a little more for it!)

We also sold my son's bedroom furniture. It was a really nice set. It had bunk beds, a dresser, and a desk. It had been my husband's as a child. It was a really difficult decision to get rid of it. We decided to let it go because we were keeping it for sentimental reasons and not because we needed or liked it. (The liked it part is all mine, I hated the drawer pulls. They were carved out of the wood and it would not have been easy to change them - and they were child sized, so getting your hand in them wasn't easy! Whoever made that decision should have been sacked!)

(The only good picture I had of the furniture was the desk, empty and sitting in our foyer - when we were trying to sell it.)

Church pew - I loved this piece. It was my sister and brother-in-law's. She got it when they split and it lived in storage for a few years. I rescued it and it has made my foyer welcoming ever since. She requested that we sell it, so we did. (I sold it on Craigslist to a man who has been hunting for one for years. The great story he told me makes me happy enough to not grieve it's leaving.)

Other things we purged: bar stools, desk, file cabinet with hutch, large grill, patio furniture, chairs, dinning chairs, crib, shelves, and more.

Things we still need to purge: huge rustic dinning table and antique player piano. Our table is still in use right now. We have tried to sell it, but since we are using it, we haven't tried really hard. The piano deserves a post all of it's own. (I'll get right on that.)

Thanks for reading. Have you purged your large items?

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