May 21, 2012


I don't have a strong attachment to stuff. I did when I was little. I kept everything thinking I might have a use for it one day. It's a trait I learned from my oh-so-crafty Grandma. She kept every lid, jar, button, bead, piece of paper, card, or anything else and usually made things with the stuff she kept. When she passed away the task of cleaning out her house fell to my dad. It was mountains of things that could have been used for something ... but  it never was.

It really changed how I looked at "stuff." I can't keep things because I love the person who gave it to me. I can't keep things because it will hurt some one's feelings. I can't keep things just to have things! I have to do what is best for me and my family. Having things that don't have me is what is in my best interest.

That is very easy to type... but getting rid of your "stuff" is not easy! I have managed to make a huge dent in our huge amount of sentimental things.

We were able to purge all of my husbands trophies! Yay!!!

We got rid of furniture that some one who loves me gave to me, but it was way more important to them than it was to me. (It was a hope chest - I hope my relatives never have to find out!)

We have talked about getting rid of the piano - but that is a whole other post entirely, believe me!

I went through all the things I had planned to scrapbook back before I had kids. I kept most of the things and got rid of the scrapbooking supplies. I can see how you might say that I didn't get rid of the sentimental stuff, so why am I mentioning it... Okay, I agree. But I was able to put together a plan to get rid of the clutter - I am going to throw it all in a box and deal with it later! However, it must be a rather small box and I am limiting it to just that box. So I am getting rid of some of it! Yay, me!

(These are not my scrapbooking supplies. If it had been, I might have kept it - look how organized this all is!  However, these supplies and this picture belong to Scrapworthy Lives.)

We are keeping all our scrapbooks that I have already made.

We are getting rid of our school yearbooks, except for our senior years. However, some of the pages from the other yearbooks will go into the scrapbook box.

Wedding presents. People give out the most interesting conglomeration of stuff! I kept most everything - until now. I like fancy ... but I like it at my mom's house on her table with all her table cloths and china and other elegant serving pieces. I don't need my own set. It's just not where my life is right now. Holding onto all that just so I can one day use it seems like a waste of space to me now. Nothing is really that nice or expensive. It is all easily replaceable. I love the people who gave it all to me, but that is not a good enough reason to keep it.

However, I am keeping my china! It's just something I am not ready to part with. It is beautiful and I don't really have all that much. It fits in five small boxes and I know when we ever do get into a tiny house, my mother will gladly hold onto it for me. (She really don't understand all this down-sizing!) (Isn't it pretty!)

The things I am not ready to part with are: 

Whatever is in those boxes of "sentimental stuff" in the top of the craft closet (I'll get to it, it's just not top of my list right now)

Formal dresses, old Air Force uniforms, and sentimental clothes - I want my kids to have these to play with. I wore a bridesmaids dress of my mom's on a weekly basis to dance around the house in. I want my kids to have that if they are interested. And, I want to be able to pull out a few pieces of clothes to say look what I wore back then. It's not much, but it's still important to me right now.

Baby things. I haven't kept much. It's really just a few outfits from each child (some that are soooo tiny! I can't believe they were ever that little!!).

Clothes that belonged to my best friend from High School that her husband so graciously gave me after she was healed of cancer in heaven. I haven't kept everything, but I have kept somethings that are not practical for me to wear, but she loved, and so I need to keep them for now.

Diplomas and other framed certificates. I don't think it is practical to think we will make wall space for these in our tiny house, so they don't need to be framed and take up so much room, but I am not ready to disassemble them yet. If I had an office, I would take them to work.

Our initial plan for sentimental things was to keep only what would fit into my husband's foot locker. We aren't there yet, but we'll get there.

If you could only keep sentimental things that would fit in a foot locker - what would you keep?

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