May 22, 2012

To drink or not to drink...milk

Family Post!

My daughter Emma Grace is two and a half. She never really has liked milk. She drank toddler formula for almost a year after her first birthday. Even after that, getting her to drink milk was not easy.

My son Elliott is 16 months. He has not taken to milk either. We just took him off toddler formula recently.

A few changes have found their way to my house in the past few weeks. Lisa over at The Pennington Point has done a series on intentionally parenting your toddler. It has really helped me with parenting!

One way is to tell my children what to do and expect them to do it. Like drink their milk! Now, every morning, I give them a cup of milk and they have to drink it before they can have anything different to drink. I am sure some moms will think of this as common sense, but it hasn't been for me - until now. AND they drink it. They have no problem drinking it. It's like drinking milk has not been a struggle for the past two years.

Then, this past weekend I had a girls weekend with my college roommates. My roommate, Marlaina, just moved back from Tanzania, Africa. She had to pasteurize her own milk. Then she added a dash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon to make it taste good. I tried this with my kids and they both drank TWO cups of milk yesterday! The vanilla adds flavor, but no sugar or HFCS!

Did your little ones take to milk right away?

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