July 31, 2012

Old Shutter Project

My parents had these old shutter doors in their basement.

It's really a rather sad story. When I was five, my parents bought land to build a house on it. They didn't have much money, but had huge dreams for their family of 6. They started building our house and quickly ran out of money. We lived in a partially finished house for many years. Two of the bedrooms in the house had odd shaped closets. The doors had to be custom ordered. When they came in, the numbers had been entered wrong and the doors were sideways! It was quite a blow to the budget to begin with and then to have to pay for them twice!! Let's just say - I was without closet doors for many years of my life (Now I would know to hang a curtain or get creative with something, but sadly there was not pinterest back then!)

I have been thinking about those 8 shutters down in the basement ever since I saw this on pinterest.

I took off two of the doors and the hardware turning them into closet doors . They are being painstakingly painted right now. (Any tips on painting shutters???? Anyone?)

After much consideration, I am going to use the shutters on this wall of my house.

It is at the end of a hallway right next to the kitchen. Stay tuned to see how the project comes out!

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  1. Jeez, now I'm wondering how I could get some shutters after seeing that pinterest picture! That look great! I think you picked the right wall too! It'll make a big impact! I can't wait to see the finished project!


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