July 27, 2012

Update on Life's Adventures

For the past two months, our life has been a mess hectic. We had this awesome plan to switch houses. We owned two and were renting out our starter home. To save a little money we moved back to our starter home and are now renting out our 2nd home.

This was a great plan on paper. It has been a huge adjustment though. When we came to take possession of the home back from the tenants we were in for a huge surprise. All the painstaking work we had done to our first home was rendered pointless. The care that we put into any home we live in is not the same as what others do. Here are a before and after of one of the rooms we worked so hard on. It still mostly looks like this, but the grout on the floor was a much deeper shade of black beige and there is a large amount of finger nail polish on one of the walls!

When we were renters, it was like we owned the place. We kept it clean, we didn't break things, if something did break we fixed it or called the landlord to fix it (based on what kind of landlord we had at the time). We didn't just let the sink leak for who knows how long and let mold build up in the kitchen cabinets that now have to be replaced!!!! (Not to mention all the bleach in the world cannot make me store anything down there until the cabinets are replaced!)

However, we persevered and cleaned our little hearts out. We bleached all the tile and grout in the main living space, scrubbed the walls, had the carpets cleaned, fixed the ceiling fans and lights, and moved in. ALL WITHIN ONE WEEKEND! (I took some pictures, but they were on my phone and it died before I got them off.)

We have been here now for about 2 months and the house is starting to look like a home. The kids have huge bedrooms and stairs to help everyone get their exercise. We live much closer to where we play and our church.

A few things we don't like are the longer commute for Chad and the lack of a garage. Oh, and the ants! It's a fun game we play around here almost everyday... where are those little guys today? In the van, the kitchen, the bathroom, in the van again, coming in the front door, the back door, the side door? And bug spray that says it lasts for up to four weeks really needs to put more emphasis on the UP TO part!

However much this post sounds like complaining, I am really happy to be here in our old home. It is slowly becoming our new home and I am having a great time planning projects to make it better.

The only problem is, it's not very tiny. I started out this blog to document our progression as a family from living large to living tiny. I have a feeling we are headed for a blog of family and adventure more than tiny. Stay tuned to find out!

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